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COB 50th-2inch-7feb2014-webOur 50th Anniversary: 1964-2014

From World War II Barracks to Domenici Hall, 50 years of the NMSU College of Business.
Read Dean Guthrie’s humorous Reminiscences on the Development of CBAE.

Past, Present, Future

The power of story

…Two of Boje’s current projects are focused on using his research on storytelling – specifically an approach called embodied restorying process – to help veterans and their families begin to find empowerment, reflect on their lives and focus on the future.

The storytelling healing class involves “sand play” – the veterans are given a bin with play sand and an assortment of toys and figurines. These figures include toy soldiers, people, animals, cars, dinosaurs and other items.

“We worked out this process using the sand play to help them gently ‘story’ their situation without going into a lot of detail,” Boje explained. “They just put the images out there, and then we talk about them. I might ask, ‘What does this roadrunner represent?’ and hear ‘That represents me running away from my relationships.’” Read more….

David Boje. (NMSU photo by Amanda Bradford)

David Boje. (NMSU photo by Amanda Bradford)

Your stories…

Do you have a great story about your time in the College that you’d like to share with your fellow alumni? We are collecting anecdotes from our alumni about their favorite moments and memorable professors to share via Facebook or during commemorative events this year. Send your stories to Anthony Casaus (Assistant Dean for Development) at

Our vision…

…is to be a premier College of Business in the Southwest. We think that you will find this to be an exciting place to earn a graduate or undergraduate degree.

Our mission…

is to serve the educational needs of New Mexico’s diverse population by providing high quality education, conducting research, and participating in service and outreach within the global community.

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